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AMK Innovative compressors for compressed air supply in vehicles.

  • Compact
  • Light
  • Quiet

AMK’s air suspension compressors are an innovative concept for open and closed air supply in air suspension systems. In open systems, any compressed air that is not used serves to regenerate the air dryer, whilst in closed systems it is fed back and stored.

Thanks to an intelligent drying concept, you can be sure of a long service life. AMK’s air suspension compressors provide efficient and totally reliable solutions for the functions with which you will be familiar from known systems. In addition, new functions such as boarding aids, level adjustment or loading-sill lowering can also be implemented with ease thanks to high running times in excess of 30%.

If, like ours, your corporate philosophy demands nothing but the best, you need look no further than AMK for the quality you need.



  • Powerful and reliable
  • Compact and lightweight by design
  • Minimum noise and vibration emissions
  • Unused compressed air is fed back and stored
  • Sophisticated and highly integrated drying concept
  • Integrated quick release without additional valve


AMK air suspension compressors provide you with an innovative product for supplying air to air suspension systems. Our compressors feature a compact and modular design.

The 2-stage working principle of our dry-running compressors opens up completely new possibilities with regard to feasible pressure level, On duration, adjustment times, and energy efficiency. This is one reason why AMK compressors are especially well-suited for use in SUVs and have become well-established in the market.

The integrated air dryer unit with optional quick-release function (fast venting) ensures a clean, dry compressed air supply in all climatic conditions. The air dryer operates regeneratively and is 100% maintenance-free. An electric pre-control valve and a mechanical pressure relief valve guarantee reliable, safe operation without additional external components.

At the beginning of a success story is always a challenge. Whether technical or human, challenges are what make life exciting. To take up those challenges requires courage, world view, energy, and openness. All of these characteristics distinguish the man who is inseparably connected with the name AMK: Arnold Müller. In 1963, Arnold Müller took up the biggest challenge of his life and started with his own development and production of built-in and specialty motors. From the start, his interest concentrated on specific problem solutions which had not been known to the market until then. "Not possible" did not exist for the pioneer from Kirchheim, because he shared the view of the famous physicist, Albert Einstein: "Everything imaginable is doable." Arnold Müller was always ready to walk new paths and to inspire his employees to follow. He succeeded in taking up new impulses, combining them with new ideas and still not losing the feeling for what is important.

Numerous innovations in the area of electric drive and control technology illustrate the innovative force and the continuous development of the company over decades.

Whether air compressors, drives for power-assisted steering, geared motors, AC servo and main drives, or highly intelligent motion control systems, there is some pioneering spirit from Arnold Müller in every single product. His commitment and intuition were and continue to be the "motor" of the exemplary development of AMK.





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